In recent years we have designed a number of PhotoVoltaic solar parks, ranging in size from 0.4 ha [1acre] to 10 ha [25 acres]

These have a planned electrical contribution to the national grid of between 50KW and 5 MW [enough power for 1000 homes]

these projects all take advantage of  either feed-in tariffs or ROC’s - the government subsidies aimed at kick-starting the photovoltaic industry, thereby contributing to renewable generation targets

the policy position changes rapidly, so anyone interested in PV installation should check the latest news: links

planning policies are in support of renewable generation in principle but, as always, subject to specific siting and design issues, requiring sometimes delicate negotiation with local planning authorities

our approach is to consult the lpa as soon as possible, and are finding a pretty sympathetic response, if the site is chosen carefully

we are able to model sites with our 3D modelling software, including shadowing, around the daily + annual solar cycle

larger or more sensitive schemes require EIAs which we can assemble if required

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