ac/hr | measure of airtightness - air changes per hour

acl | the air control layer - the principal means of controlling airtightness

building control | local authority building inspectors - the process of inspecting and approving technical, safety, and energy in a scheme

code | code 3 | code for sustainable homes | the government’s 10 year plan to achieve zero-carbon new homes - imperfect but now sadly abandoned

cold bridge |  does what it says - forms a bridge through the insulated layer for cold to flow in / heat to flow out - to be avoided !

eco-footprint | a measure used in TAN 6 ‘one-planet’ developments and elsewhere, representing the total ecological requirements of a household in terms of global hectares

EIA | an Environmental Impact Assessment required for more complex or sensitive schemes, e.g. some larger renewable schemes

enerPHit | the passivhaus standard for refurbishment, recognising the additional difficulties of dealing with existing buildings

feed-in tariff | FiTS | government subsidised scheme reducing payback fro photo-voltaics and other micro-generation | see links

lifetime homes | voluntary 16-point standard to allow for use of a house by those of all ages, with minimal adaptation | see links

listed buildings | buildings listed by the government for their architectural or historic interest, with extra legal protection

mvhr | mechanical ventilation with heat recovery - the ideal way of providing fresh air to draught-free buildings

lpa | local planning authority

passivhaus | a 25 year old german standard, increasingly used in the UK | see links

phpp | the passivhaus planning package - the software used for passivhaus performance design + evaluation

pv or photo-voltaic | panels which generate electricity from sunlight

pi cover | professional indemnity insurance

planning | control of new development by the lpa, mainly concerned with the type and appearance of the scheme | see links

pressure testing | the method used to test the airtightness of a building - using a door-mounted fan

renewable heat initiative  RHI | government subsidised scheme reducing payback fro renewable-based heating | see links

structural engineer | consultant required on most projects to advise on structural design, calculations, ground conditions, etc.

suds | sustainable urban drainage scheme - to minimise run-off into the main drainage of the area, reducing  risk of flooding

u-value | measure of the insulation value of a building element - wall, floor, roof, window. lower = better